M-Series M5001 Narrow Tractor

“The Kubota Narrow tractor series is now even better than before, offering up to 108 engine horsepower, greatly enhanced ergonomics and many value-add features. Kubota engineered the M5001N specifically for work in orchards, soft fruit production and vineyards, or any other environments that might require a narrow tractor. It also features a new high/low powershift transmission with 6 synchronised gears and an extra powerful engine, new to the market. The Kubota M5001N Series tractors are particularly convenient and ideally suited for orchard, vine and fruit cultivation.

Fluorinated greenhouse gases

M5001 Narrow – KUBOTA
The M5001N is a highly productive professional vehicle for demanding tasks. In orchards, fruit cultivation and vineyards. It delivers the highest levels of agility, versatility and performance.

With the optional IsoMatch Tellus monitors, you can turn your M5001N into an ISOBUS control tractor. You can take your work to a new level of efficiency ,saving time and resources, and therefore money

Retrofit kits make the M5001N fit for Precision Farming. Take advantage of the many possibilities offered by this state-of-the-art technology for the efficient and environmentally friendly management of your land.

Value Protection
Kubota tractors offer proven quality and excellent performance. Kubota offers you a two-year warranty on the M5001N, which you can opt to extend to five years with the Kubota Care package.

Finance Management
The M5001N stands for productivity and efficiency in your work With Kubota Finance, you can invest in technology that will make an important contribution to your business. Bespoke finance packages allow you to tailor payment options to suit your business needs.”

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