BF3255 Fixed Chamber Baler

“High Performance Fixed Chamber Baler.

The new Kubota BF 3255 full roller fixed chamber baler is designed for intensive professional use through long working days where high efficiency is required. The BF 3255 is developed to perform well in heavy silage conditions. A new bale chamber design with 17 ribbed rollers ensures consistently high density bale formation in all conditions.

The Advantages:

2.2m pick-up with small diameter pick-up reel with 5 rows of tines.
PowerFeed rotor intake, 14 or 25 knives cutting device.
New Parallelogram DropFloor system for easy unblocking.
Fixed chamber with 17 ribbed rollers for high density bales.
PowerBind Twine and Net wrapping Systems
Simple and Intuitive control with the Focus terminal.”

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