“For High Speed Spreading

The DSXL-W GEOSPREAD is the high speed spreader in the Kubota spreader range. The DSXL-W GEOSPREAD has almost exactly the same specifications as the DSX-W GEOSPREAD, but with a newly designed RotaFlow spreading system for high accuracy at high driving speeds. The RotaFlow spreading system has eight high capacity vanes on each disc ensures a perfect overlap. In combination with one metre sections, four load cells and a reference sensor, the Kubota DSXL-W GEOSPREAD can do high speed spreading under all circumstances. Besides the new high speeds spreading system the DSXL-W GEOSPREAD has also new features, like the category 3 / 4 mounting frame and the electrical hopper cover.

The advantages:

No impact, so no fragmentation of fertiliser
Eight vanes per disc
Sections of only 1 metre that can be switched on and off in all directions (max. 45 sections, depending on the terminal functionality)
Accurate spreading in hilly conditions”

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