F-Series Front Mower

“If you are looking for a front mower that performs its mowing tasks quickly and efficiently, the KubotaÕs F-Series is the perfect choice. This machine offers enhanced performance as well as high-quality mowing and mulching. This results in an excellent power-to-cost ratio.

The top performer
KubotaÕs environmentally friendly diesel engines deliver powerful performance even when performing heavy-duty work.

Easy shifting
The efficient dual-range HST hydrostatic transmission is operated with just a single pedal.

Optimum ergonomics
The comfortable, ergonomic operatorÕs platform is easy to access with all controls conveniently placed, keeping you in full control.

Impressive versatility
With its high lifting capacity on the lower links and 2,545 rpm PTO, the F-Series is highly versatile.

Improved mulching quality
The new design of the mower deck ensures improved airflow, which results in better mulching quality.”

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