M5001 Tractor

“Kubota M5001 is your smartest choiceÐ the extremely maneuverable tractor proves that size doesnÕt matter. Its powerful engine, excellent transmission, high ground clearance and easy control makes the M5001 series essential in your daily work. Tough jobs are made easy !

Surprisingly powerful
The 95 and 113 hp (DIN 97/68 EC) 4-cylinder-engines will show their power and efficiency.

Environmental friendly
The strict Stage 4 Ðfinal emission regulations are passed with flying colors.

Extremely maneuverable
The Bi-Speed-technology with 55¡ turning ankle and high ground clearance makes the M5 extremely agile and manÏuvrable.

Very comfortable
With 36 forward and backward gears, changing gears is easy.

Surprisingly big
The spacious & comfortable cabine gives the operator a perfect 360 degree visibility, while the controls in the cabin keep everything under control.

The M5001 is much more than just a tractor. With ISOBUS retrofit terminals and Kubota implements this beats all challenges. Save time and money with the possibility of precision farming solutions.”

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