M-Series M5002 Tractor

“With its powerful engine, excellent transmission, high ground clearance and extremely simple operation, the Kubota M5002 quickly makes itself essential for your daily tasks. KFS Brochure

Extremely powerful
The 4-cylinder Stage V engine in both the 95 and 115 horsepower models is both reliable and highly efficient.

Smooth shifting
The 40km/h transmission shifts extremely smoothly and with ease.

Pleasingly comfortable
The comfortable, spacious cabin offers an excellent all-round view.

Exceptionally manoeuvrable
Thanks to its bevel gear front axle and high ground clearance, the M5002 is extremely maneuverable.

Impressive precision
With the precision farming option, the M5002 will save you time and money.

All hour visibility
With the LED lighting package, you can work all hours of the day with supreme visibility. KFS-Brochure”

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