SE5235-SE5280-SE5320 Chopper

“The Kubota SE5000 is a multi-purpose machine for chopping grass, pasture, set-aside land and stubble. By hydraulic offset the SE5000 gives you the possibility to clear out field edges, orchards and road edges.

Hammer blades or universal Y blades with short fan blades allow a perfect shredding quality in all conditions.
By offset the SE5000 can slide 52cm; it is the ideal solution for field and farm maintenance. In addition the wide diameter of the rotor (540mm) guarantees an excellent cut with lower power requirement.

Easy and minimal maintenance make the SE5000 a profitable chopper.

The Advantages:

For tractors up to 160hp
Heavy construction for reliable operation
Versatile rotor for perfect shredding in all conditions
Easy operations in the field by hydraulic offset (52cm movements)
Minimal maintenance, reduction of maintenance costs
Precise assembly and accurate rotor balancing”

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